Our philosophy: a company's true value rests in its human capital.

Unlike other recruitment firms, we don’t focus first on our candidate database. We focus first on understanding your business, your mission, your vision, and your company culture. Only then can we start to assess the suitability of the candidates in our extensive database.

We have spent our careers assessing organizational structure, cultural dynamics and strategic business initiatives. We harness this experience for you, our clients, in assessing a candidate’s ability to not only fit your company’s team, but to drive the fundamental mission of your business.

All of our partners have been senior executives at major corporations themselves – so we know what your vacancies mean – not just on paper, but in the real world.

This means that we understand the importance of what are sometimes called “soft” issues – traits like emotional intelligence, social skills, and personal charisma. Study after study has confirmed the importance of these attributes in successful leaders – and not just to help everyone feel better – the traits make bottom-line positive differences. Leadership is not mechanical – it’s founded in character.

We understand that talent is what provides your competitive edge. And we know how to recognize, qualify, and motivate talented people.

Relationships…our true wealth

Our large database of exceptional candidates is our stock in trade. And it’s our business to know and understand these people deeply. These relationships are the basis of our value to you, so we nurture them assiduously, and create an unprecedented level of trust with our candidates.

A direct result of the quality of the relationships in that extensive community, and the professionalism with which we approach this process, is the number of searches we have completed — 1,800 and counting…

This is our true indicator of success – not just placing the right candidate, but the longevity of the tenure of the candidates we place.