Our Process Is Rigorous, Thorough and In-depth

By following a rigorous eleven-step process for every search, you can be assured that the best candidate for the position will be walking in your door when it’s time for the interview.

This process is one of the tools that allows us to maintain our high standards of quality while expediting the search process on your behalf.

O’Keefe & Partners 11-Step Search Process

  1. Review our process and timetable and prepare relevant search documents for client approval, including a detailed position specification sheet that is used to interest prospective candidates.
  2. Define search strategy within O’Keefe staff and develop target company list.
  3. Begin research to source initial prospective candidates and review resumes.
  4. Narrow candidate list through references from industry sources; conduct preliminary interviews to focus on top 10-12 qualified and interested candidates.
  5. Provide the first of weekly status updates to client that include brief descriptions of the top candidates.
  6. Present backgrounds for selected candidates to client, and lead discussion to narrow the candidate field to prospective finalists.
  7. O’Keefe & Partners conducts in person interviews with selected finalists, often including the spouse.
  8. Client interviews of recommended finalists.
  9. Select finalist and furnish detailed references.
  10. Assist in the development and preparation of final offer. Assist client as necessary in successful negotiation with candidate to gain offer acceptance.
  11. Assist candidate with integration into client company and monitor his/her progress during the first several months in their position.